Classes are available on a drop-in basis but are subject to availability due to the priority of online reservations.

Classes can be cancelled online up to 4 hours in advance. No-shows and late cancels while on “unlimited” packages will be charged $10. If you are on a punch card, you will not be charged but will lose the class from your card if your spot is not filled.

Be on time: Don’t be late. Fumbling into class last minute is never pretty. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to start of class.

Be mindful of other classes going on. If your class is finished and there are other classes still going on, please avoid passing through unless it is to use the washroom or shower, and please be quiet.

Shhh… your hot date on Saturday was great, but please tell your friend across the room after class. Come into the room focused and ready to train!

A 10-person wait-list is available for registration. You will be notified via email if a spot opens up. If you receive a notification that you have made it into class, we require a confirmation email OR phone call back.

Cell Phones: I’m sure you love your new Drake ringtone, but please turn it off and play it for us after class. Your instructor will thank you.

We remind riders that if you are on the wait-list to act as if you are in the class. If you make it into class off the wait-list and cancel (within the 8 hours) the late fee still applies.

Scent-Free: Your favourite fruity perfume or cologne is amazing, yes. But once mixed with sweat, it quite possibly smell like a gym bag. This room is a scent-free zone, except for deodorant of course.

The wait-list can bump you into class 1 hour before the class. After that period our team manually manages it.

Energy: We all vibe off of each other’s energy. Even if your day is shitty, take a deep breath and enter with positivity.

Services are non refundable.