Featured Instructor: Shaina Fehlauer

“You’ve got 45 minutes on that bike to work as hard as you can.”

That’s how Shaina Fehlauer looks at spin. Her riding is on-beat and her energy is on-point, though every spin has its own personality.

“Each class is a little different,” she explains. Some are gatherings of tough, loyal riders; other times, a wave of newbies renders things unpredictable, which Shaina says “keeps it exciting.” The constant with every class, she notes, is that “everyone comes to work hard.”

Shaina enjoys getting “lost in the music.” Music drives her workout, whether climbing hills or sprinting out of saddle—her personal favourite move.

“Club XO is more than a place to work out,” she notes, however. “It makes you feel like you’re a part of something.”

Catch Shaina spinning at Club XO up to four days a week and keep up with her on Instagram at @shainafehlauer.