Featured Instructor: Alex Domijan

Alex Domijan, a strength and conditioning coach and personal trainer, uses a science-based approach to improve athletic performance, master movement patterns, and address issues of pain. He is Club XO’s newest member of the team and February’s Featured Instructor.

Boasting a background physical education, kinesiology, and work in rehabilitation, Alex specializes in offering private mobility sessions for joint-specific performance improvement, as well as treatment for soft tissue specific injuries like tendinitis, sprains, strains, dislocations, and post-surgery.

“My favourite class to teach is Kinstretch—it is like rehab in a class,” says Alex. “When pro athletes are doing it, you know it works. Keep your joints healthy and address nagging pain from your day-to-day demands you put on your body.”

Alex says his philosophy is “capacity before skill,” meaning people should first have the prerequisite joint mobility in order to achieve desired movement patterns.

“It’s in order to eliminate unnecessary compensations that can stall out or even deteriorate your performance,” he explains. “I’m all about health and longevity.”

Alex is looking forward to his time at Club XO.

“I’ve been welcomed with open arms,” he notes. “The staff, environment, and clientele all seem to be very excited and passionate about health and fitness in their community. What more could you ask for?”

Find Alex’s classes on the official Club XO schedule and check him out on Instagram: @KinCoachAlex.