Designed for all levels of experience and fitness, our rides take you on an unforgettable journey. You enter the room, the lights are dim, you clip in, set your water bottle and towel on your bike and it begins. The beat, the bass, the lights…

“For me, giving up is WAY harder than trying” — Kanye West

Things to expect when you arrive

Arrive at least 15 mins before class, check in at the front desk, receive your complimentary clip in shoes, and book your bike on the seating chart. The Spin room door will remain closed until your instructor has prepared your ride, and then he/she will open to let everyone in to set up and get clipped in.

We do provide complimentary sweat towels, as well as a cool eucalyptus towel for after your ride. There is also storage for your belongings.

Class Info

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