Darcie Holdsworth, one of Club XO’s first boxing instructors, brings big energy to her classes, which consist of furious, flurrying combos and nonstop action.

A former amateur who competed in Canada and the US, Darcie delivers each and every time a class “that pushes you past your limits and kicks you into high gear,” as she puts it.

“It’s got real boxing mixed in with cardio,” she explains. “I keep everyone energized and keep the environment positive.”

For Darcie, regular training is essential—and not just to keep physically fit.

“Working out is vital for continued physical and mental health,” she posits.  “That’s why I exercise.”

Darcie balances her boxing with spin, favouring fellow instructor Bree’s classes.

“I like her music, her energy, and the difficulty of her class,” she says.

Check Club XO’s schedule to see when Darcie boxes next and when Bree spins next.

“You’ve got 45 minutes on that bike to work as hard as you can.”

That’s how Shaina Fehlauer looks at spin. Her riding is on-beat and her energy is on-point, though every spin has its own personality.

“Each class is a little different,” she explains. Some are gatherings of tough, loyal riders; other times, a wave of newbies renders things unpredictable, which Shaina says “keeps it exciting.” The constant with every class, she notes, is that “everyone comes to work hard.”

Shaina enjoys getting “lost in the music.” Music drives her workout, whether climbing hills or sprinting out of saddle—her personal favourite move.

“Club XO is more than a place to work out,” she notes, however. “It makes you feel like you’re a part of something.”

Catch Shaina spinning at Club XO up to four days a week and keep up with her on Instagram at @shainafehlauer.

Alex Domijan, a strength and conditioning coach and personal trainer, uses a science-based approach to improve athletic performance, master movement patterns, and address issues of pain. He is Club XO’s newest member of the team and February’s Featured Instructor.

Boasting a background physical education, kinesiology, and work in rehabilitation, Alex specializes in offering private mobility sessions for joint-specific performance improvement, as well as treatment for soft tissue specific injuries like tendinitis, sprains, strains, dislocations, and post-surgery.

“My favourite class to teach is Kinstretch—it is like rehab in a class,” says Alex. “When pro athletes are doing it, you know it works. Keep your joints healthy and address nagging pain from your day-to-day demands you put on your body.”

Alex says his philosophy is “capacity before skill,” meaning people should first have the prerequisite joint mobility in order to achieve desired movement patterns.

“It’s in order to eliminate unnecessary compensations that can stall out or even deteriorate your performance,” he explains. “I’m all about health and longevity.”

Alex is looking forward to his time at Club XO.

“I’ve been welcomed with open arms,” he notes. “The staff, environment, and clientele all seem to be very excited and passionate about health and fitness in their community. What more could you ask for?”

Find Alex’s classes on the official Club XO schedule and check him out on Instagram: @KinCoachAlex.

We want to send a HUGE shout out and thank you to everyone who made it out this past Saturday for our Grand Opening!

We could not have done it without you, and we would not be Club XO without you!

Leading up to the Grand Opening was intense.  We had so much going on, so much on our to do list, and seemingly not enough time to do it all.  If you had been in to classes leading up to Grand Opening day, you could see all that was going on, and all that needed to be finished.  Somehow, with time, patience and hard work, it all came together.  The day came, and rushed past us all, without any issues.  We had so many current clients and friends in for classes, some stayed for multiple classes, and some stayed all day. Alongside our current clients, we saw so many new faces to Club XO.  We hope you enjoyed the classes you tried, and that you’ll be back for more!  Keep watching our schedule for class times being added, and if you don’t see a class at a time you are interested in, let us know, if we get enough interest we may add it in! We would love to hear your feedback on classes, times, the new layout, etc.  So far, we are loving it and hope you are too.

Stay tuned for the full opening of Tru Smoothie Bar, and don’t forget about the new showers!! How bad ass is that?!

Again, thank you to our clients, friends, family and of course our staff!