You have goals, right? We all do.

When we fall short of our own expectations, we are disappointed. When we achieve what we set out to accomplish, we feel great.

At Club XO, the price tag of feeling great reads: Five dollars.

That’s how much we charge for a first class. And that first class is the beginning of your journey to a better you. Which should be everyone’s goal, we figure.

Club XO offers an impressive breadth of classes, including Boxing, Spin, athletics, and dynamic stretching. Our top-tier instructors work hard to ensure classes scale to all levels and abilities. And we don’t bite, so there’s really no excuse.

Look good. Be strong. Feel badass.

All for $5.

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The door was giant and painted blood red. If it weren’t, I probably wouldn’t have noticed it.

A poster hung outside: someone had converted this old auto shop into a “Fitness Garage.” It was cool, though only one word on the poster mattered to me: “Boxing.”

At the time, I had never so much as wrapped my hands. But I sought a new challenge, one that was outside of my comfort zone. I was intimidated, and rightfully so: I tripped over the jump rope repeatedly, I was gassed after one round of punching, and the old-school coach rarely eased his foot off the pedal.

“Slackers!” he would yell, even when we were giving it everything.

I was hooked.

I returned and returned, getting better and better, loving the sport more and more. Twice a week, then thrice, then up to five days a week—at the crack of dawn, in the freezing rain, I would jog to the gym and empty my soul every session.

Sometimes it would be just me and coach. Body on the brink of collapse, sweat gushing on the mats, I was pushed to my limits and beyond. The next goal was always the next limit: to shatter it and move on.

A good coach unlocks doors in your mind you didn’t even know were there. I am forever grateful.

One day, I tore the meniscus in my knee running. While my injury recovered, boxing was put on hold. I realized I needed to be smarter about my training. That’s when I found cycling. I chose it at first for its low-impact cardio, but ended up discovering a second significant passion of mine. I take any opportunity to train outdoors; cycling enabled this in a new way, leading me to incredible places and amazing people.

Plus, a new challenge is always welcome.

Suddenly, my weeks were filled with movement: I boxed, I rode, I lifted, I hiked. I enjoy competing—most of all against myself—and soon an obsession grew in learning how to improve my performance. At the same time I became less and less fulfilled by my 9-to-5 desk job. My thoughts constantly drifted away from the task at hand to: What’s a good combo to throw in the pocket to get off the ropes? How much time can I shave off my next half-century? Am I short on protein today?

I felt purpose in my pursuits. Was a pivot possible? I earned my certification as a fitness professional and eventually quit my job.

This leap of faith was not an immediate success. At first I struggled with such a dramatic and abrupt change in life trajectory. It was a rough start. Had I miscalculated?

Absolutely not.

My passion for fitness overpowered all doubt. My motivation was unwavering; the ability to help others become healthier and happier proved instantly rewarding. With renewed meaning in my work, my hunger for success only increased. I developed an my own training regimen, The Gauntlet, and ushered bold new blood into the Sweet Science.

The stars aligned when I took a second leap of faith: moving from Vancouver to the Fraser Valley. Here, I have found my place in the industry at Club XO.

I intend to reimagine what boxing can be in Chilliwack.

That’s step one.

Have you been wanting to try out a Club XO Boxing class?

Want to brush up your technique?

Want to blow off some steam?

Saturday October 20th, 10am – Book your spot with Master Boxing Coach Darcie!

We are so excited to announce that TRU Smoothie Bar is officially open!!  We had most things ready to go for our Grand Opening, but needed a few finishing touches.  Now we are fully operational!! As you can see in our menu below, we have smoothies, smoothie bowls, kids smoothies, and have had our staff trained as “baristas” and can now warm you up with Parallel 49 coffee! Place your smoothie order before you head in to class, let them know what time you’d like it ready, and come out of your workout ready to refuel!  I can’t even choose a favourite, they are all so yummy!!

Club XO Showers

Some of you may be in a rush to come to a class, and then head off to start/finish your day and this is one of the reasons we added showers to our bathrooms.  The mens has one shower, and the ladies has two private showers (stocked with body wash, shampoo and conditioner) and change stalls as well as a bright makeup counter.  You can come sweat, then walk out like the fresh bad ass you are!!

Mens Shower:

Women’s Bathroom and Showers:

(thanks to our lovely model Robin!!)

The Chilliwack Chiefs Hockey Development program has announced the dates of their spring training camps.  Club XO Fitness is proud to be a part of the off ice, hockey specific training.  This training will involve:

  • Strength, Speed and Conditioning Spring Camp
  • Hockey specific training held at Club XO – the Prospera Centre Training facility used by the Chiefs and other high level athletes.
  • Club XO will push each individual athlete in a high energy and positive environment -challenging each participant in all aspects of performance – Agility, Speed, Strength, Power, Conditioning, Flexibility, and Recovery (emphasizing proper technique and safety)
  • Spin Classes
  • Up tempo boxing
  • TRX classes

For more information, click here.

We want to send a HUGE shout out and thank you to everyone who made it out this past Saturday for our Grand Opening!

We could not have done it without you, and we would not be Club XO without you!

Leading up to the Grand Opening was intense.  We had so much going on, so much on our to do list, and seemingly not enough time to do it all.  If you had been in to classes leading up to Grand Opening day, you could see all that was going on, and all that needed to be finished.  Somehow, with time, patience and hard work, it all came together.  The day came, and rushed past us all, without any issues.  We had so many current clients and friends in for classes, some stayed for multiple classes, and some stayed all day. Alongside our current clients, we saw so many new faces to Club XO.  We hope you enjoyed the classes you tried, and that you’ll be back for more!  Keep watching our schedule for class times being added, and if you don’t see a class at a time you are interested in, let us know, if we get enough interest we may add it in! We would love to hear your feedback on classes, times, the new layout, etc.  So far, we are loving it and hope you are too.

Stay tuned for the full opening of Tru Smoothie Bar, and don’t forget about the new showers!! How bad ass is that?!

Again, thank you to our clients, friends, family and of course our staff!

Join us Saturday February 24th from 11am – 4pm. Free Spin, B(XO)ing and strength classes – see our Apple and Google apps for times and booking info. Tru Smoothie Bar will be offering smoothie samples all day, as well as coffee and smoothies for purchase. Pop in for a class, or just to hang out and try a sample!!