Join our Badass 21-Day Challenge!

You started the year off right, didn’t you? Made your resolution to get fit—again. Had a great January—again. And now you’re staring ahead and thinking: wait, I have to keep going?


Being badass means we train hard always and forever. January is just another month; 2020 is just another year. These things don’t define us! We pursue our passions and defeat our demons with vigour (or approach the brink of extinction in attempt).

It’s who we are.  It’s how we got here. It’s why we keep going.

Club XO’s Badass 21 Day Challenge encourages you to toss your failed resolutions aside, leap out of your way-too-small comfort zone, and thrust yourself into a wonderful whirlwind of energy, exhaustion, and accomplishment.

Here’s how it works. Grab a Challenge Card from our front desk, which you can pick up starting January 20th. Don’t dawdle—you have to be signed up for the challenge before February begins, so to be sure to register by the 31st.

Come February, the real work begins: completing the actual challenge. We have laid out 21 challenges—which include trying new classes, among other things—to check off within the 28 days of February. Complete every challenge and you will be entered in to a draw full of awesome prizes, including Club XO gear and class gift cards.

The best thing about the Badass 21 Day Challenge is that anyone can complete it…

But only badasses will.